#62 – It’s Been Such a Long Time, or Writing, Interrupted

Well this didn't go as planned.  Sometimes I forget I even started this blog. And I've written exactly two stories this year.  I did have two stories published this year, but they were older ones, and I barely remember which ones they were.  Who has the time to write when there's so much procrastinating and… Continue reading #62 – It’s Been Such a Long Time, or Writing, Interrupted

#61 – OHIM – Soundtrack #3 – The Struggle is Real

Because sometimes you want to wallow in it, or be convinced otherwise. New Spotify playlist below. Follow here or on Spotify or on Facebook for more dope ass playlists. Or just listen, whatev. https://open.spotify.com/user/aaronjcomo/playlist/1O06aeIXsK4lPwt7cAceuA?si=17ItloDFQkeJog6hVcbnnA

#60 – 9/11, or In the End

In the end, for me and maybe for you, it's what #neverforget means. In the immediate and the most importantly it's keeping the memory of those lost alive.  The most important.  And if that's what we remember that's good enough. But I think it's more than that. It's impossible to feel the feelings again fresh,… Continue reading #60 – 9/11, or In the End

#59 – OHIM – Soundtrack #2 -Current Mood

Does music influence your mood?  Or do you seek out music to match how you are feeling?  Both?  Other? Spotify Soundtrack #2 - about and inspired by Oh Hey, It's Me the blog.  Click below. https://open.spotify.com/user/aaronjcomo/playlist/7ISzpsL2NA8PbhPMaENjmu

#57 – Oh Hey, its…You?

Why Oh Hey, its Me? To explain - When I was thinking of a title for this blog, I thought back to the times I heard person at work, or just in everyday life, say to someone on the phone, "It's me," as if the person on the other line is/was supposed to automatically know… Continue reading #57 – Oh Hey, its…You?

#56 – SCI-FI, or the Genre Blues

I think still, though we may be in the Golden Age of science fiction (try to watch a movie or TV show or read a book these days that does not have some element of sci-fi - it's difficult) that there remains some bias towards science fiction. It used to be that any and everything… Continue reading #56 – SCI-FI, or the Genre Blues