#7 – Teresa Halbach, or the guy that killed her

I am anxious. There is nothing that makes me anxious.  I have anxiety. Things may cause that anxiety to manifest.  When those things go away, I feel less anxious.  But the anxiety is not cured. It's like having a medical condition.  If you have asthma, you always have asthma.  You can take medication to get… Continue reading #7 – Teresa Halbach, or the guy that killed her


#6 – Byron2, or the nuthouse

I didn't know what to do.  I usually don't. What I should have done was the thing I did not do.  A simple phone call to the hospital would have probably end the phone calls at night. They say to go with your first instinct.  I'm not sure that I ever go with my first instinct.… Continue reading #6 – Byron2, or the nuthouse