#10 – Random3, or randomness



  1. the quality or state of lacking a pattern or principle of organization; unpredictability: “we accept randomness in our own lives but we crave logic in art”
  2. informal oddness or eccentricity: “we tease her for her complete randomness




101.  Of all the lights, red is my least favorite, followed by yellow.  Traffic light are the bane of my existence.

No, not that Bane.

102.  My favorite amendments to the Constitution are the 1st and 14th.

103.  English grammar is very confusing to me.  ‘I’ before ‘E’ except after ‘C’ right?  What about the word ‘weird’?  ‘Perceive’?  ‘Receipt’?  ‘Deceive?’  How many exceptions can there be before it’s not really a rule anymore?

104.  The first ‘F’ I ever got in school was high school freshman year in photography class.

105.  If you call a person of African decent a monkey or gorilla it is horribly offensive.  Whoever started that ruined two awesome sports team mascots.  (The Rally Monkey and the Phoenix Suns Gorilla do not count.)rally-monkey-o

106.  When I was a kid my brother and I would throw snowballs at cars while we walked to and from school.

107.  I used to get so mad at work that when I did they called it ‘Going Como.’

108.  I like the movie ‘Grease 2’ and I’m not really apologetic about it.

109.  When classical music was popular, what did they call it?

110.  How did people know what to eat before they knew what everything was?

111.  I like rap music.  Most rap music is made by solo artists these days I liked it better when there were rap groups.  My favorite part of rap groups are were the hype men.  How could you not like Flavor Flav?

Flavor flav
Yeah, boy!

112.  I like raisins better than grapes but am not a huge fan of either.


113.  I liked the Smurfs but the try not to think too hard about the implications of Smurfette being the only female Smurf.

What the Smurf?



114.  When ‘alternative’ music hit the mainstream in the ’90’s should it have still been called ‘alternative’?

115.  I want to believe in parallel universes.

116.  I find it odd that Mickey Mouse has a pet.

Yo dog everyone else can talk


117.  When my daughter is grown and an independent adult I would like to live in one of these Ecocapsules.  I’ve tried to convince my wife to no avail.  http://www.ecocapsule.sk/

I want to get off the grid!

118.  A flat head screwdriver perfectly describes what kind of screwdriver it is.  Why is the other one called a ‘Phillips’?  Who is this ‘Phillip’?  Why are there two different kinds?  Don’t get me started on the Allen Wrench.

119.  Truth is subjective.  If that is true, can anything else be?

120.  Why is/was a psychologist or therapist called a ‘shrink’ or ‘head shrinker?’

121.  The name ‘Herbert’ can be abbreviated to ‘Herb’ and the H is pronounced.  When you pronounce the word ‘herb’ the H is silent.  I think we should pick one or the other.

122.  Why is it ‘lemonade’ but not ‘grapeade’ or ‘appleade’ or orangeade’?

123.  I’ve noticed that no one does the Hokey Pokey at weddings anymore.

124.  The Macarena is now a wedding song staple.  If they sang it in English I don’t think it would be as popular.  Macarena is a woman and she’s making some questionable life choices.

125.  I’m pretty brand loyal even when it’s not in my best interests.

126.  The older I get the bigger my ears are.  They are either growing or drooping.

127.  The actress Charlize Theron was born in South Africa.  She became an American citizen in 2007.  Is she an African-American?

128.  One of my goals in life is to read/watch everything in my Facebook saved links. #goals

129.  I’ve read that when you recall a memory you are actually remembering the last time you remembered it, not the actual occurrence.  Like a copy of a copy of a copy…

130.  I feel like ‘right to a fair and speedy trial’ and ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ are not defined clearly enough.

131.  You can get ‘Nick’ from the name ‘Nicholas’.  Why don’t we call someone named ‘Mick’ ‘Mickolas’?

132.  Do you say ‘car-mel’ or ‘Car-a-mel’?  I say carmel but carmel is not an actual word.

133.  If you are wearing pants you have on a ‘pair of pants.’  How many is two pairs of pants, two or four?  Why is one pair two?  Underwear, eyeglasses, goggles, binoculars have the same designation.  But why isn’t a bra a pair?

134.  In the original Star Wars trilogy they never use the term ‘Sith’ when talking about Darth Vader or the Emperor.

135.  A key component of a Sith is anger.  If the Force was with me I’d want to be a Jedi but would definitely become a Sith.tumblr_lwovyeqyvn1qdc2k0o1_500

136.  When does morning start?  12am?  But if you wake up when it’s still dark out you usually say you woke up in the middle of the night.  Morning usually ends at noon.  But when does evening start?  Isn’t all time after noon afternoon?  Isn’t 10pm afternoon?  When does evening end and night start?

137.  Remember ‘Hands Across America?’  I recall it didn’t really work.  Maybe we should try again I think we could do better.

138.  When did we start with the ‘wind chill’ and ‘heat index’?  If the wind chill is say -10 degrees should that just be the temperature?  How can the temperature be two different things at once?

139.  What is the difference between a street, a lane, a road, and avenue, a place?  I feel like we should standardize what we call roads that people live on.

140.  Why doesn’t the word ‘xylophone’ start with a Z?

141.  What exactly is ‘ex’?  Why is ‘ex’ sometime hyphenated and sometimes part of the word?  Why wouldn’t something like ‘ex-girlfriend’ be ‘exgirlfriend’?  Should we be saying ‘ex-citement’?

142.  Wobbly and uneven tables drive me crazy.

143.  When did athletes in non football sports start using mouth guards?  I can see it in basketball and hockey, but baseball?  Also, when did football players stop attaching their mouth guards to their helmets?  Every time they take them out of their mouths and put it between their helmet and facemask I throw up a little in my mouth.

144.  What is the backstory of Caspar the Friendly Ghost?  He’s a kid, right?  How did he die?  Why are the other ghosts so mean to him?  Why does he haunt Wendy?  I’m not sure there isn’t something else going on with the whole story.

casper the friendly ghost
Toughen up, Casper


145.  When there a King he rules over his Kingdom.  If the Queen is in charge is it ever a Queendom?

freddy mercury
King of the Queendom?


146.  I’m not a fan of attaching ‘hardcore’ to a sentence.  Instead of saying you did something well, people will say, ‘You did that so hardcore’!

147.  What exactly does ‘laughingstock’ mean?

148.  Where does the phrase ‘in a pickle’ come from?

149.  College names or nicknames that I enjoy:

High school, not a college

  • Ball State
  • Oregon State Beavers
  • South Carolina Gamecocks
  • Wichita State Shockers

150.  #teamroadrunner or #teamcoyote?rr-coyote


Meep Meep!


#11 – Hail to the Chief


2 thoughts on “#10 – Random3, or randomness”

  1. I do love seeing all of the things you have asked and noted throughout the years in written form. This should be your novel my love.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. And what happened to the chicken dance…..laughing, smiling, and randomly thinking. Good stuff.


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