#22 – Mr. Awesome’s Top10 Movies Pt.1


I mean, we can all agree on movies, can’t we?  We, the proverbial we and us, all we seem to do is argue about shit.  Hell, we argue about movies too.  Everyone has opinions about everything, movies included.

But we can agree that we like movies, right?  Movies are awesome!  You like them, I like them, the kids like them, everyone likes them!

Whatever you call them – motion pictures, film, cinema, talkies, the show – it’s an art form that everyone can get behind.  I feel like at some point we should call them something else as more and more “filming” of movies is done on format other than film, but it’s a catch-all I guess, and I do tend to get caught up in the semantics sometimes, so maybe I should let it go.  I guess it doesn’t really matter.

I don’t really go to the movie theater that much anymore.  There are so many less expensive at-home options, and the TV’s and home theaters keep getting bigger and better.  I usually only go to the theater if it’s a movie I’ve really been anticipating, or if it’s a cool effect-laden movie like Star Wars or whatever.  Although the 2nd two ‘prequels’ to the Star Wars Saga I refused to see in the theater because the first one – the Phantom Menace – was such an unbelievably awful load of craptacular movie garbage that I waited for the other two to come to BlockBuster (ha!  remember Blockbuster?  Where you had to go to a store to get a movie to watch at home?  And have it back by a certain date?  And before DVD’s, you had to rewind the stupid VHS tape or they would charge you for it?  Remember VHS?  Have you watched anything on VHS lately?  It’s like watching something without your glasses on, or how I’d imagine it would be to watch something under water.  It’s awful, but we didn’t know any better, did we?)

So most of the movies I see are On Demand, or on Netflix, or the Hulu and whatever else the kids use these day to watch stuff.  Movie theaters are for rich people.

I don’t watch as many movies as I used to.  I’d like too, but in my non-busy life I’m really busy.  It’s amazing that I don’t do anything and yet I don’t have time to get anything done.

But anyways, I’m trying to watch more because I like it.  It’s not like the old days when I’d go to the Blockbuster after work on a Friday and rent like 3 movies for my (now) wife and I to watch over the weekend.  I’d go every Friday until we ran out of movies to watch (the amount of crappy movies – horror movies – that we watched was unbelievable.  I don’t remember it too clearly, but one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen was a horror movie called Jeepers Creepers.  I dare you to find it and watch it.)

So wherein the olden days I’d watch 5 movies in a weekend sometimes, it now it may take me a few months plus to watch 5 movies.  Here are the last 5 movies I’ve seen, in order (I think but won’t guarantee it):

  •  Primer (very low-budget “sci-fi” movie but very grounded in a real world type of way about time travel that was really good even though I only understood about 75% of it.)
  • Oldboy (I think Spike Lee remade this but I watched the original Korean version (yes, it is subtitled).  It started out and was awesome for most of it, maybe 3/4ths of the movie,  and then went so far off the rails that I wasn’t sure what I was watching.  I wasn’t that I didn’t follow the plot or was “bad”, and actually had a good twist at the end but holy crap I did not see it coming and if I was shocked I don’t know if you should watch it.  Really, I’m warning you.  It’s good but if you watch it to the end don’t say I didn’t warn you.  At the very end I may or may not have said what did I just watch allowed to myself as the credits rolled as I watched on my iPad in the bedroom, where I watch much of my programming as the wife and the daughter monopolize the TV with their awful TV shows like the Bachelorette or whatever.  Really, I’m not telling you what to do and I do not know what types of movies you like but maybe skip this one.
  • Batman Begins (When my daughter was younger there were all kinds of movies I wanted to watch with her but I thought might scare her a bit.  I think in this day and age they are pretty liberal with the PG-13 rating.  Did you know that PG-13 did not used to be a thing?  So everything was either rated PG or R.  Movies like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, or Jaws, or Poltergeist were rated PG.  Now I’ve been watching movies that were probably inappropriate for my age range for a while now (my parents didn’t really monitor what we watched, especially when we first got cable TV) but I’m not going to lie that when the dude pulled the other dude’s beating heart out of his chest in Temple of Doom that it did not give me pause, to say the least.  So now the studios try to make everything PG-13 so more people are able to see it for $$ considerations, and occasionally I think they push the issue a bit.  But I really wanted my daughter to be able to watch a lot of the PG-13 movies with me.  She’s been watching them for a while now, and we’ve just now gotten around to the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy, starting with Batman Begins.  She liked it well enough, and we have the Dark Knight ready to go but just haven’t watched it yet.
  • Zootoptia (fun little animated movie that was not Pixar or Disney (I don’t think.  I could look it up but I’m writing this and don’t feel like it.  I don’t have anything against Pixar or Disney – I actually love most of the Pixar movies (Brave was kind of weak, and I’ve never seen either of the Cars movies) but it was good and had a good message.
  • Raiders of the Lost Ar(same reason why we watched Batman Begins, though with probably at least a 20-year span from the last time I saw ROTLA, I have to tell you that I don’t think it holds up that well.  It’s ok, and I love Harrison Ford, but it’s not what I used to think it was.

That’s 1099 words of preface to the main event.  I’ve wanted to do a Top10 movie list blog for a while.  If you’ve been following along you’ve probably noticed I enjoy making lists and words and organizing them.  I’m not sure why but I like it.  I think I may do a whole bunch of Top10-type lists so I’ll start with this one.

It’s going to be in 3 parts, because this is already a ton of words and really it’s only just started.  Let’s call this part one.  I actually started this a while back but it just got too long.  So part one.  Here they are.  My Top10 movie list, from #10 to #1, 10 being awesome and #1 being the most awesome.  I’ll explicate in the other parts, but you can start chewing on it now if you want.  Or don’t whatever.










1)THE GODFATHER (both 1&2 – I know technically they are two movies but I count them as one.  It’s my list deal with it.)

Listen, as I type this it may be more than 3 parts.  I have a lot to say about these movies.  We’ll see.  Enjoy your day.




1 thought on “#22 – Mr. Awesome’s Top10 Movies Pt.1”

  1. Can’t wait for part 2. Saw all but 2 of your top ten and absolutely hated the horror movie Jeepers Creepers. It unnerves me even to type the words.


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