#24 – 45 Blocks

I’ve been walking the neighborhood for a few weeks now – the weather is nice and I’m trying to get my midsection down from round to not as round.I live around here, in the city of Milwaukee.  

Yesterday, about 45 blocks away, this was happening:

45 blocks doesn’t seem like much – I could get there in 10 mins or so if I drove,  right?  It might as well be a world away.

The violence after a police shooting – see the story here, if you want http://www.cnn.com/2016/08/14/us/milwaukee-violence-police-shooting/

I thought about it as I walked.  I’m not a fast walker, and I’m a bit out of shape.  I couldn’t have been gone longer than 20 mins, and only covered from 78th to 84th, down 84th to Burleigh, back to 78th and home.  

  • During those twenty mins I saw 5 black kids and one black adult playing basketball on one end of the playground at the 81st St school, while a middle aged white guy practiced his jump shot on the other end
  • Two little white girls roller skating between the courts
  • 3 joggers, one white guy, one white woman and one black woman, at different times on different blocks 
  • A white teenage boy skateboarding 
  • A white family of 3, the son not more that 6 or 7, pushing his wheelchair in front of his parents as they walked.

You can see a lot of stuff in my neighborhood if you look close enough.  A lots been going down in MKE over the past year, just like it has been in the rest of the country.



The Governor has called up the National Guard.  I guess they’re on standby.  http://www.nytimes.com/video/us/100000004591091/governor-walker-calls-in-national-guard.html

I sit now in my backyard.  You’d swear we lived in the suburbs or something.  It’s something to hear about stuff in the news – Ferguson, Baltimore, Dallas, etc.  This is not that, not yet, and maybe not at all.

Milwaukee is a pretty segregated city, but you wouldn’t know it if you walked around my neighborhood.  http://www.governing.com/topics/politics/gov-milwaukee-most-segregated-polarized-place.html

45 blocks.  That’s nothing.  I wonder how to get this 

to look like this 

I’ll keep walking the neighborhood and seeing what I see.  I wonder if those 45 blocks can be bridged, and if not, which picture will I be more likely to see in my neighborhood in the future?