#28 – Rules and Regulations

I guess I just don’t understand how you can’t see what’s happening.

But it doesn’t seem that anyone’s coming off their vote, or their ideals of what they think they voted for.

The yelling isn’t getting us anywhere, I suppose.  If anything, it’s serving to further entrench our positions.

My white hot, blinding rage is fading.  It’s more red now, burning.  I hope it’s becoming focused.

IF everything was on the level, the up and up, then so be it.  The rules say that the Orange-One will be the next President.

I’ve written and deleted a bunch of words trying to lay out what I think is happening already, and what will happen to this country if we’re not paying attention.  I deleted them because I don’t think you care, and I won’t sway you anyway.

I feel like what has happened, what is happening and what will happen is above our normal Republican v. Democratic squabbles.  It’s bigger than that.

So even though you’re wrong, I feel like you are so wrong, I don’t begrudge you what you think you voted for.

But in the coming day, week, month, years we’re all going to be in this together.  Please pay attention.

How long will you stay on your side?  Will you follow blindly no matter what?  Will you be so stubborn, because you do not like the other side, at the expense of what we all agree on?

IF everything was fair and balanced, then the rules say that the great Oompa-Loompa-Elect has won and will, with the help of the people he is surrounding himself with, be the most powerful person in the free world, as they say.

But we have another set of rules that we all, all of us believe in.  We have this thing called the constitution.  Will you be so stubborn that you won’t call them out when they subvert it?  When they break it?  We, all of us have not done such a good job safe guarding it against the regular politicians.  Shame on us.

Are we, we all of us, Americans, going to pay attention now?

I’m going to leave this here.  constitution

It’s the US Constitution.  When was the last time you looked at it?  Really read it?  Maybe middle school?  Maybe never?

I look at it from time to time.  Not all that often, but I do.  It’s not a very exciting read.  It’s not like reading a novel, or maybe watching a reality show.  Sometimes I don’t agree with all of the things it contains.

But they are the rules.  We all like to reference the ones we like, the hot button ones.  But if you get into it there’s stuff in there for all of us.

So maybe as you see things come up, today and tomorrow and next week, take a look at it. You don’t have to look at all of it all at once.  You could even print it out.  No one will know.  Match it up to what is going on.  No news, real or fake, to sway you on what it says.

If I’m wrong about what’s happening, what has happened, what will happen, then it’s not really a big deal.  I’ll be wrong, and look stupid, and have to admit it.  That’s fine, I’m used to looking stupid.  I can deal with that.  If I’m wrong, it means they are following the rules.

But if you are wrong.  Wow, if you are wrong, we’re all fucked.  If you are wrong, the words contained in the Constitution, the words of the Founding Fathers that you like to refer to so much, will be meaningless.  We can all print the words out together and have a big bonfire.

You don’t have to change the reasons you voted the way you did, even if I think you are wrong.  All I’m saying is to be aware and to pay attention.  And to decide what it means to be American.  You, we are all going to have to decide what it is we really believe in, and not just pay lip service to it.  Or we may as be Russia.


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