#47 – Ideas, or The Children are our Future

I have an idea!

I’m full of it – ideas and other stuff.  I’m bombarded with them.

If an idea falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, was it ever an idea at all?

I don’t know that my ideas are any good but I have them.  If I had a CT scan of my brain I think you would see them all there – little tadpoles of half formed ideas, crashing around and into each other with no particular rhyme or reason.

I think of ideas much in the same way as I do of dreams – everyone has them, you can’t really explain what they are or why they happen.  Most of them make no sense.

The best idea I’ve heard in a long time came from my father.  Some time ago we were sitting around talking about things that would make good inventions.  He came up with a “cold” microwave.  I do not know the science or practicality of such a thing but I thought it was fantastic.  I’m forever out of cold things to drink because I forget to put things into the refrigerator.   You could pop a glass of water or soda or whatever into this contraption, and 30 seconds later you’d have an ice cold whatever!

Freezerwave?  Microfreezer?  Colderator?  I’m trying to think of a catchy name for it.  But I love the idea.  Brilliant.


My ideas come to me at any time.  I’m usually half asleep or driving or in some other situation that makes recording the idea ideal and I usually forget them.

If you’ve been following along you’ll know that I want things, people, society to be better.  I want all of us to get along, and for there to be less bad stuff.

But in this society we always have the bad stuff, and we’re forever arguing about it.  We seem to be very shortsighted when we argue about these things.  We can barely remember yesterday, let alone what happened years and years ago.  We forget history.

Because we are of a moment, we want all of that moment’s problems and issues and arguments solved in that moment.

I am the same way.  I would like instant gratification.  I’d like the things that I think are wrong to be solved immediately.  But I don’t think it works like that.

I try, with limited success, to take a long view of things.  What I try and do is think about the situation or issue or problem and find the causality.  How did the problem start?  What is the genesis?  What are the reasons for why the problem exists?

I’ve always been interested in history.  I used to love history class in school.  Not only history of the world though.  Any subject or person or interest I have I want to know everything.  I want to know origin, biography, influences and all of it.

I want to know what happened.

I’m not sure that people really enjoy history as a subject.  Did you like history in school?  I think they way history was taught when I was in school was not conducive to learning what happened.  There was a lot of memorizing.

It was boring, right?

Knowing when things happened is not without merit.  But of more importance, I think, is knowing what happened, why it happened, and how it affected this moment.

How it affected this moment!

I don’t know how they are doing it now in schools.  But for me, history is a story.  All the things and the people and events that happened before – how interesting!

If history was taught in a more story like fashion, perhaps there would be more interest in it.  Perhaps people would learn from it and understand what problems arose.  And how the past affects what is happening right now.

Take the longview!!!!

I enjoy documentaries.  You can find almost anything these days, streaming content or on YouTube or even on old fashion television.

When I’m interested in a subject and it is told in story fashion, it becomes more interesting.

History is alive!

So here’s what I thought of.

They are doing crazy things with special effects in movies and television, etc. these days.

If you saw the movie “Rogue One’, you know that they brought a young Princess Leia back to life.  You know that one of the main characters in that movie, Gran Moff Tarkin, was almost entirely a CG creation.  The actor who played him in the original Star Wars trilogy has been dead for years!

They’ve also been using holograms of artists for a while now.  They’ve brought back Elvis!  They’ve brought back Tupac!

I’ll skip the potential ramifications of this technology and it’s impact on actors and musicians and etc., and how it may affect the future of visual entertainment media.

But here is my idea.

If you take some of those technologies and apply it to learning about history, maybe we can really make history interesting.  Maybe the kids will really invest in it.

History should not be subjective.  George Orwell said it best, I think, and we should be more careful about how we teach history==>>  orwell_1984

Discussing what happened and how it affects this moment is healthy, I think.  But changing or omitting parts of it are not.

The issue I have with history is that it is not (or what not) taught as how things happened, but rather how the people writing the history saw the things that happened, rather than what happened.

Learn what happened!  History should be facts and facts alone.  It should not be subjective to anyone’s beliefs or to the benefit of who is in charge.

Imagine if you sat in a classroom and Abraham Lincoln walked in.  Imagine if he discussed the Civil War, and slavery and the events of what happened.  In his own words!

Imagine anyone from history.  Hitler or Ghengis Khan or Geronimo or Julius Caesar any historical figure you can think of.  Imagine them in three dimension talking about history in real time.

Imagine too regular everyday people.  I think of historians like Studs Turkel and his interview type books such as ‘Race” or “Working” as a better way to engage in history and make it real and come alive and a way to learn from it – turkel

What if your great-grandfather came into a history class and talked about the great depression.  What if your grandmother, long since passed, could describe the challenges of being an immigrant.

What we could learn!  What we could know!

The truth will set you free.  The truth is the truth, and what happened has happened, whether you want to believe it or not.

Columbus was a murderer.  Martin Luther King cheated on his wife.  Gandhi was a racist.  Andrew Jackson participated in the genocide of indigenous people.  Imperialism contributed to terrorism.  These are historical facts that you can look up.

History is not neat.  But what happened, yesterday and a week ago and 200 years ago affects right now, what is happening in this world at this moment and what will happen in the moments to come. past

I know it’s crazy, but someday these things will be possible.  We’ll be able to have discussions with people who have died long ago.

The kids.  They need to know what happened objectively.

We can discuss and debate how the past has affected the moment and how to proceed.  But we cannot argue about the past, if we are honest about it.

So that’s my idea.  I want the truth and I want the kids to learn it.  We might not be able to handle it, but I think they can.

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1 thought on “#47 – Ideas, or The Children are our Future”

  1. I think there might be such a “thing” as a microfreezer that you both wished for. I’ve seen something like it in liquor stores in which you can get a whole bottle of wine to chill to a suitable temperature in about 10 minutes or so. Don’t know what it’s called though and I believe the object is almost submerged in water so it would have limited uses, but for any kind of drink it would work!
    History fascinates me as well, but I don’t think it’s possible to ever get away from subjectivity about it – even if we could hologram or “bring back” people from the past. They have their own prejudices and filters and concern about “how they are received” to be totally objective. And there have always been different interpretations of all events – past and present. I DO very much like your idea of history being taught as story, however, and have thought about trying to start this concept in education somehow, but never materialized anything. I have settled for trying to tell stories in historical context to children I know (with my own subjectivity however).
    I have read a lot of history books that were written in story form and learned a lot from them.

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