#50 – Reruns, or OHIM turns Fifty

Oh Hey, It’s Me!

I’m 50!

No, not me personally, though the age of 50 is a little too close for comfort.  It’s interesting that as I reach towards the next age milestone, that age suddenly does not seem so old anymore.  But I’ve got a few years to ignore that number.

No, this is the 50th post on this here blog!

I’m still not sure exactly what this is other than an attempt at to bring a little order to the random and chaotic thoughts I have.  I like to write stuff, so I write them down here, and a few of you have been nice enough to read it.


I started it in late 2015.  I had been thinking about it for awhile but as with most things, I thought but did not act.  You can see the very first one here #1 – Oh hey, it’s me!, and some of the reasons I finally decided to give it a go.

I’ve been enjoying it, but certainly did not think I’d get to 50.  I quit most things before then, for reasons that are probably a whole other blog at some other time.  But I’ve stuck with it.

The one thing I’ve found is that the more I write things and the more time I spend on creative endeavors the more things I think of to write about.  I’m not vouching for the quality of any of it, just that as with anything, the more you do it the better (?) you become.  Or at least the more creative I feel.

The one drawback, if you can call it a drawback, is once I’ve allowed the floodgates open it seems that I cannot close the dam.  It can be distracting, always having random nonsense pop into my mind at all hours of the day and night.  I suppose that was happening anyway, but I thought writing them down would stem the tide a bit.  Not the case.

But they are a bit more orderly now, even as they continue to come.

So I was thinking.  What to do for the 50th?

I didn’t want to do anything too heavy.  I’ve done that and will do it some more.

I’ve been trying to keep it light lately, mostly because that’s how I’ve been feeling.

I’m also super lazy.  And even though I’ve been able to keep this blog up (and I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the output has increased the past month or so.  Don’t worry, it’ll slow down.  I don’t want it to, but then I don’t always have control of these things.  There at occasions where I’m so overloaded with words and thoughts and etc. that I need to shut down for a week or two less they drown me.  But I’m not quite there yet.) I like to do the minimum and expect the maximum.  I’m trying to change that – I’ve been writing here, and I’ve been writing and submitting stories to lit mags at a pace that I never have before.  Nothing yet, but I imagine something will give if I keep at it.

But if I can get away with it, I will.  I’ll cut corners.

So here’s what you get for the big 5-0.  A clip show!

If you are of a certain age you’ll remember a time before streaming content on television.  You’ll remember a time before your favorite show or movie was a few clicks of the remote away.  You’ll remember a time when cable came out and there were only 50+ channels (and yet still there was nothing on.  My sibs and I pretty much watched MTV on a loop during those early days.

You may even remember a time before cable.  When all there was was network TV.  3 stations to pick from, and if you didn’t like it you had nothing to watch.  More than likely you watched anyway, because that’s all that was on.

There were too things that the networks did with their shows.  One was to show reruns during the summer.  Because there were no VCR’s, there were no DVR’s and there was no way to record your favorite show if you missed it, the only way to see the show you missed was to wait for the summer.  Back then the networks did not offer original programming during the summer months (the mistakenly thought people did not want to watch TV during the summer.  I’m sure viewership goes down, but it’s summer right now and I’m not doing anything but typing this with the TV on in front of me.)  What they did was to basically start the TV season that had just ended and start it over.

And we’d watch it again because we were suckers!  And because it was on TV!

The other thing the would do during the TV season is have an episode or two that was a ‘clip’ show.  I don’t watch many network sitcoms anymore so I don’t know if they still do that.  Basically it was a 1/2 hour or hour of clips of the series, either of the current season and/or of previous seasons.  Since there was no other way to go back and watch episodes from seasons past it had some merit, but was obviously a cheap way to get an “original” episode in without putting in much effort.

Welcome to my clip show suckers!  Enjoy! 

Click on the number to go to that blog post!

Blog posts 1-10:  I was just really finding my way.  There’s no real rules to blogging I don’t think, except to try and write something that someone, or someones will find interesting.  I’m not sure I’ve done that, and the first few I think I struggled.  I wrote #7 right before the Netflix series “To Catch a Murderer” came out, and it’s still the most read post by far and away, not because it’s good or not good but because of how many people searched the names of the people in the documentary.  I’d say of the 1st 10, #8 about my extended family on my mothers side and specifically about my cousins is my favorite.

Joe n Lorraine
Joe and Lor, makers of cousins


Blog posts 11-20:  Between these 10 is when I really started with my “Random” series, in which I simply number random thoughts and questions I have.  I’ve written 9 or 10 of them now.  Some of the questions I know the answers to, and some I don’t look up on purpose to see if anyone’s paying attention.  A few are, but not many.  It’s ok.  Mostly, they make me laugh and making myself laugh is always the #1 minimum goal.  #14 was the 4th “Random” post, and may have been the 1st time I referred to myself as Mr. Awesome.  I’ve retired that name.  It was meant ironically, if you had not figured that out.  Also, I wrote #13 about my elderly neighbors who lived next door when we first moved into our house.  It’s a slight little post, but what is interesting is that someone will read it every now and again.  People rarely seem to go through the achieves, and then never that far back.  Sometimes I wonder if Eula or Mel go back and read it once in a while…

lilac bush
Eula’s lilac bush


Blog posts 21-30:  These 10 did not start as political, but as I look at the dates they where published I can see how the dates correspond to how political they get and how angry I become as the election season culminated with the person who got elected being elected.  I’ve since found more constructive ways to channel my anger towards what is happening to the country, but I’m still mad.  I don’t think it would have been healthy to keep up that level of anger.  We’re all still screwed, though.  See especially #’s24, 25, 27, 28 and 29.  Maybe not 27.  I pissed off a few people I know

Enough said

with that one.


Blog posts 31-40:  It’s hard for me to pick out ones from this 10 because I like them all a lot.  They are a little more personal, including #33 about a girl from junior high who died between 7th and 8th grades.  #32 is a true story about the time my daughter and I saw a time traveler, and #40 is one I wrote on my most recent birthday, but it’s not about my birthday so much as it is about people named Burt.  Or

Sad Burt

Bert.  Because ‘Burt’ kind of rhymes with “Birth” and Burt is a funny name.


Blog posts 41-50:  So #50 has no link and does not count as you are reading it.  #50, as I explained, is a clip show.  It’s just really me linking previous posts in the hopes that people will go back and read some of those.  After 2 1/2 years of blogging I don’t have a huge number of followers.  But I have a few, and I’ve had more views, comments and likes in the past month then I’ve had since #7 went crazy in the beginning, which is cool.  I also started blogging a bit on reading books and writing and creativity, and it’s turned into a little series “On Writing,” I started when I created a Facebook page.  It’s sort of an extension of “Oh hey, it’s Me!” but really just trying to get some positivity going and to share creative endeavors.  I especially like #46 where I talk about working bookstores and what it did for what I read, what I write, and how creative I feel in general.

Shorewood, WI


So there you have it.  #50 in the books.  If you’ve been following along from the beginning (I know there are few, but I know you are out there) then I’ll try and do better next time.  But if you’re just joining us, I hope you found something of value, and I hope you’ll stick around for the next 50.  Browse thought the archives for more.  And thanks for staying until the end!


Hey!  If any of these here blogs ever do it for you make sure to hit the LIKE button!  To get them on the reg you can hit FOLLOW or skip the internet and sign up to get them in your email!  Feel free to COMMENT here or on my Facebook Page!  I like talking about things, reading, writing, art and other random stuff in the universe, and you do to.




2 thoughts on “#50 – Reruns, or OHIM turns Fifty”

  1. I enjoyed this “retrospective”. I especially liked #46 also but in addition, I appreciated, supported, liked many of your political or social commentary/issue posts as well. Health and fate willing, I’ll definitely be around for the next 50! Very happy to hear you’ve been submitting more writing pieces. It does seem to be your “calling” and I think it’s significant when u
    open the door, the thoughts/
    inspiration won’t stop. I definitely remember the “time before” cable, etc – basically
    everything u mentioned. And finally (but
    not really final), I’m one of those that do look up things that u mention or wonder/ask questions about.

    Liked by 1 person

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