#52 – OHIM, the Soundtrack

Less words, more music.

I used to listen to music when I’d write.  I don’t much anymore.  I find it distracting.

But a lot of my writing, be it stories or novels I work on, but especially this blog can be influenced by what I may be listening to at the moment, and sometimes vice versa.

Everything has a soundtrack.  Movies, TV shows, your life.  Why not writing?  Why not books and the like?  They should.

So here’s a Spotify playlist I’ve created.  I’m calling it a soundtrack, because why not?  Most of the songs have appeared somewhere in the blog.  A few of them are “inspired” by it.  I listened to The Beatles and Rage against the Machine when I wrote (writing?  Editing?  Forever unpublished sitting in a box in the attic?) the novel “The Adjudicator.”

Note to a few people I know who read this:  you have to sign up to Spotify to listen.  It’s free.  Put an app on your phone.  It’s really not that hard.

Enjoy!  Or don’t but check it out anyway!


That’s it.  You were expecting more words, weren’t you?

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1 thought on “#52 – OHIM, the Soundtrack”

  1. Look forward to listening to it when I can. Hope to get new phone soon cuz I can’t get apps on my current one (boring story).


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