#53 – Random10, or Random-itis

I’m not sure when I started writing down random thoughts that I’d have.  I know that I’ve always craved knowledge, important or otherwise.  It may have started at a young age, though I think when I was young I’d just have to store up the random thoughts and questions I had about things, life, the universe in my mind.  I suppose it wasn’t until later that I actually thought to write them down.  But as I’ve said, the more I wrote them down the more they’d accumulate.  It’s a process, the emptying and refilling.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

Notebooks of all sizes, scraps of paper, voice memos follow me wherever I go.  I’m the m’fing Pied Piper of nonsense.  Everywhere I go, there I am, with more (mostly) useless random thoughts, of either things I know, want to know, think I know or think everyone should know.

So, more…

338.  When I was young, my parents put up a cork board on the back door.  Not just a board – the entire door was cork.  There we stuck everything – report cards, funny pins and buttons with smiley faces, artwork, phone numbers or whatever.  It became so accumulated with papers that whenever someone would open the door papers would fly everywhere.  There was one picture, sent from the East Coast from my Aunt Laurie.  Back in the day she was in a band (I think she played the sax?) and on the cork board was that picture of her and her band.  I don’t know what kind of music they played, or how long they lasted.  I’m quite sure the picture stayed on our door long past the lifespan of the band.  It was a promotional picture, with the band posing with their instruments.  It may have been an all-female band, and I feel like they were all wearing sunglasses.  The band was called the Jane Does, and it was accompanied by an article interviewing the band.  Everyday I’d see this picture of my Aunt’s band when I went into the kitchen.  I don’t remember much of the article, except a quote from her.  “We’re all Jane Does in this world,” she said, “and where it that at?”   I haven’t thought of that picture or that quote in quite some time, and why it suddenly entered my head is a really good question and one without and answer.   I do remember as a kid having no idea what the quote meant or what she could have possible been trying to say.  It was kind of nonsensical to me when I read it, and I read it a lot, every day, for years and years.

We’re all Jane Does in this world,” she said, “and where is that at?”

I don’t know if I get it, but I thought of that quote recently and I decided I knew what it meant.  In the totality of the world’s population, unless you are an insanely popular celebrity or other famous type, we know a tiny insignificant percentage of the people on this planet.  Or, we don’t really know anyone, and no one knows us.  We’re anonymous.  We’re unknown, and maybe unknowable.

Maybe that’s not what she meant but that’s what I’m going with.  Super dope quote – I love it.  And I’m glad to get that off of my chest.

339.  Somewhere in the past year or so my daughter was working on a project that required her to cut paper.  She yelled at me from her room to get her the cutters.  I went into the kitchen and got her the scissors, and when I brought them to her I asked, “Are these the cutters?” and she immediately realized that she had called the scissors ‘cutters’.  We laughed, and to this day only call scissors ‘cutters’ in our house and she curses me every time I do.

340.  I for sure have obsessive tendencies.  I think I’ve done a pretty good job of quieting most of them.  One of the big ones when I was younger was numbers.  I had a thing where I’d count things by 4’s, and 4 was (is?) the best number.  But 8 was not.  5 was pretty good and so was 10.  When I was a kid I also thought that I’d either die when I was 13 or 33, and until I passed those ages I lived in fear of them.  Also, because of my love of sports when I was young I can count by 7’s up to 98 probably better than I can count by 5’s up to 100 (in football, of course, a touchdown is 6 points plus the extra point = 7.)

341.  Up until somewhere around my 40th birthday or a bit after sports was the most non-person related important thing to me.  If I made a list, sports are probably in the bottom 3rd of the bottom 1/4 of the end of said list.  I still pay attention, though.  It’s something to talk about.

342.  I was a Cubs fan, and I all of those years of futility I’d imagine I’d feel like if they ever one the championship.  Just the thought of it used to bring me to tears.  When they won it last year, I was sound asleep and did not know they had one until I woke up.  I probably watched 9 innings total of the season last year.  (I also didn’t watch the election night coverage of our most recent presidential election.  I’m still not sure which one shocked me more when I woke up the next day.)

343.  Did you know that blue for boy and pink for girl used to be the opposite?  Now, if there is an occasion that I am asked to “pick a color” I almost always opt for pink.

344.  I sleep a lot.  I love naps.  I know that sometimes I sleep to avoid doing things, even things I like to do, such as write down these silly words.  But the truth about sleep is we don’t really know a lot about sleep.  There are actually a ton of things we think we know, but what we knew yesterday is different from what we know tomorrow.  That’s why I love the internet, even if it will bring about our downfall.  I mean, it’s the best and the absolute worst of us.  But because of it, if I want to know about some of the things I write down on the paper I can just look it up.  I’ve been reading about genetics, and how the environment can affect them.  It kind of changes the ‘nature v. nurture debate, and talks about how interconnected everything and everyone really is.  Maybe all of it is common knowledge.  But the things I’m curious about and have learned just by searching stuff by keyword is not anything they ever taught in school.

345.  See, I want to know everything.  But if I don’t even know what I want to know, how will I ever know about it?

346.  In the recent past it’s been posed by many smart people that we are living in a computer simulation.  It’s not just a far-fetched idea, and there is a lot of stuff out there on the subject.  I think about these type of things a lot, things that are hypothetically possible mostly because they cannot be disproved.  Like the theory that you (or me) or one of use is the universe, and when we die the universe does too.  Or that the only thing that is absolutely real is the self or the self’s experiences. (Solipsism.) Or that the entire universe was not just created last Thursday.  There is actually a thing called “Last Thursday-ism.”  I probably shouldn’t think about it, but I do.

347.  Did you know that the setting on a toaster is not about how hot the toaster gets but is basically a timer?  Maybe you did, but I did not know that until recently.

348.  Do you remember when long distance was expensive?  That you had to have a separate long-distance plan?  And if you were on a call with someone long-distance you’d get yelled at if you were on the call too long?  That seems like a long time ago, but it really wasn’t.

349.  Has anyone actually seen the movie ‘Blade Runner’ all the way though?  I’ve tried about 5 times and have not been able to stay with it.  Is it worth getting through?  I may give up.

350.  When we talk about our history, as in the United States, we refer to it as Western Civilization.  Europe and the US are still referred to as the west.  But seeing as the Earth is round, isn’t east and west a matter of perspective?  Who got to decide?  Couldn’t you say that Japan is west of the US, depending on where you were?

I know what I sound like sometimes – a crazy person.  I’m ok with that.  But how can you not want to know everything?  Honestly, we’re all just sitting around doing a bunch of stuff we don’t want to do, living for the few hours a night or few days at the end of the week that we get.

We could do it differently.  We really could.  Those are some thoughts for another time.  But until then, think on it for a minute.  And think about flying cats too.







2 thoughts on “#53 – Random10, or Random-itis”

  1. I’m another person that has notebooks, journals, scraps of paper, articles, files, etc. all over the place with random thoughts, “to do” lists, ideas, newspaper clippings, book and movie suggestions, travel ideas, etc. Sometimes fun to look at, other times weird. Most lately I’ve been trying to purge at least some of them – have to do this in stages. I think it’s an aging thing. Don’t want to leave too much in my “wake” for others to clean out.
    Enjoyed #338. Wonder what she would say about it now.
    #344 – I like to “know” all kinds of things too – often look up “stuff”. Sometimes I think it’s a “crutch” tho for not just living in the moment.
    #347 – I did know that.
    #350 – of course “we” got to decide – meaning U.S. perspective of history – so east/west is in relation to “US” and it originated early on so perspective was from the eastern part of our country. Has no “real” meaning in the world but still used a lot here.
    Like the idea of doing it all differently – see “Summer of Love” Frontline program.
    Let’s discuss your idea more.
    I would absolutely HATE flying cats – might have to buy a gun! (I know that was a joke tho – but the idea gives me the creeps).


  2. I loved the randomness of the thoughts in this blog. The quote in #338 was something I never thought about but the answer seemed right. It certainly made me think. #339 made me laugh. I am happy you passed the ages you feared in #340 and can put that behind you (mine was 26). All the rest were thought provoking, interesting, things I didn’t know before and/or just fun. I really enjoyed this one; I don’t think you are a crazy person unless you want to be.


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