#60 – 9/11, or In the End

In the end, for me and maybe for you, it's what #neverforget means. In the immediate and the most importantly it's keeping the memory of those lost alive.  The most important.  And if that's what we remember that's good enough. But I think it's more than that. It's impossible to feel the feelings again fresh,… Continue reading #60 – 9/11, or In the End


#59 – OHIM – Soundtrack #2 -Current Mood

Does music influence your mood?  Or do you seek out music to match how you are feeling?  Both?  Other? Spotify Soundtrack #2 - about and inspired by Oh Hey, It's Me the blog.  Click below. https://open.spotify.com/user/aaronjcomo/playlist/7ISzpsL2NA8PbhPMaENjmu

#57 – Oh Hey, its…You?

Why Oh Hey, its Me? To explain - When I was thinking of a title for this blog, I thought back to the times I heard person at work, or just in everyday life, say to someone on the phone, "It's me," as if the person on the other line is/was supposed to automatically know… Continue reading #57 – Oh Hey, its…You?