#30 – Random7, or Genie in a Bottle

  Do you want to have some fun?  Are you just saying you want to have fun, or do you really want to have fun? https://youtu.be/uR2TpnuvwLk My posts are getting pretty heavy.  I thought I'd try something different.  The 7 or so people that read this blog seem to like these Random posts - a… Continue reading #30 – Random7, or Genie in a Bottle

#22 – Mr. Awesome’s Top10 Movies Pt.1

Movies!! I mean, we can all agree on movies, can't we?  We, the proverbial we and us, all we seem to do is argue about shit.  Hell, we argue about movies too.  Everyone has opinions about everything, movies included. But we can agree that we like movies, right?  Movies are awesome!  You like them, I… Continue reading #22 – Mr. Awesome’s Top10 Movies Pt.1